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Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning a Custom Mirror October 12, 2020

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Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning a Custom Mirror, Nicholasville, Kentucky

Custom mirrors are an excellent addition to any home, as they improve both the function and aesthetics of a room. However, they can show dirt and debris easily, so you should clean them regularly to maintain their beauty and reflectivity. Below is more information about how to clean custom mirrors without scratching them or leaving streaks.


Clean in a zigzag motion.

Using the right motion is necessary to avoid smears that detract from the appearance of your custom mirror. For example, when using a cloth, do not rub in circles or small movements. Instead, hold it at one edge of the glass, and move it all the way to the other side in a single, swift motion. Then, bring the cloth lower and back to the other side in a zigzag pattern. Continue this from top to bottom to create a streak-free shine.

Spot clean it often.

custom mirrorsWhenever you notice small, sticky debris on the surface, soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently remove it. This ensures that larger blemishes—such as toothpaste or makeup—do not smear across the glass when you clean the entire mirror. After removing these spots, you can clean the whole surface to ensure an even shine.


Use paper towels.

Paper towels are not suitable for cleaning delicate glass, as they can scratch the surface and leave behind small pieces of paper. Instead, use a clean, microfiber cloth. This material will not scratch the surface or leave anything behind, ensuring that the surface is clean and shiny. These cloths have a specific design that will pull away any debris, even small dust particles.

Apply too much cleaner.

While it is tempting to soak your custom mirrors in a cleaning solution, this will create drips and streaks that are challenging to remove. Also, avoid using water, as any hard minerals can stick to the glass and make it cloudy after drying. Instead, spray a mild cleaning solution directly onto your cloth, and wipe it across the mirror gently.


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