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FAQ About Wind Insurance September 8, 2020

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FAQ About Wind Insurance , Robertsdale, Alabama

The months from June to November are known as hurricane season along the coast. If your home is in a high-risk area, it’s possible that your homeowners insurance policy doesn’t cover wind damage caused by hurricanes, leaving your home vulnerable. Below are a few FAQ you should know about windstorm insurance, a supplemental policy that can offer you protection.

What Should You Know About Wind Insurance?

Is it included in my homeowners insurance?

While it is possible, hurricane damage isn’t often covered in homeowners insurance policies or business insurance. You should check with your agency to get specifications on what is covered on your current policy and ask about how the coverage works if it is included. In many cases, if hurricane damage is covered, you’ll have to pay a higher, percentage-based deductible before your policy will pay out to cover hurricane-related damages.

What does it cover?

The policy you’ll need will be called windstorm insurance. It covers damage caused by high winds and hail, such as broken windows, tree and limb damage to your home, and roof damage. The policy will also cover any personal possessions in the building in case they’re damaged. It may not cover water damage, though, unless it was caused by rain blowing into your home after the wind has damaged it.

Who should get it?

homeowners insuranceIf you live in a high-risk area for hurricanes or tornadoes, you should get windstorm insurance. Not getting coverage for likely damage will leave you paying far more for repairs, restorations, and replacement belongings than if you have coverage. With a wind policy, you’ll only have to pay a percentage of your home’s insured value and the agency pays the rest, instead of paying for all damage incurred in a storm, even if your house is a total loss. It may also be required if your home is new or under a mortgage.

How do I get it?

Windstorm policies are often available through your current insurance agency or another private group, though some states offer state plans, especially if you can’t find a private policy. If you have access to both options, it’s wise to seek insurance quotes from multiple agencies so you can compare coverage and costs. Once you’ve decided on an insurer, they’ll walk you through the enrollment process so your coverage can begin.


Does your homeowners insurance policy need to be supplemented with windstorm coverage? Russell Insurance Agency in Robertsdale, AL, offers affordable wind and hail policies to complement home and business insurance. For over 20 years, their top priority has been customer service, providing personalized plans with little hassle and competitive rates. Read some of their reviews online, and call (251) 947-3607 to get a windstorm insurance quote today.

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