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4 Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding September 7, 2020

Washington Heights, Manhattan
4 Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding, Manhattan, New York

When you go on vacation, you may worry about boarding your dog. However, with a few simple steps to prepare, your pet will be relaxed and ready to enjoy their stay. Here are some ways to help your dog have a positive pet sitting experience.

How to Train Your Dog for Boarding

1. Familiarize Them With the Facility

If the kennel offers doggy day care, consider taking your dog there for a few day sessions. This will help them get acquainted with the staff, the other dogs, and all the new sensory sensations. Plus, they’ll get used to you leaving and coming back, so they’re less likely to be anxious.

2. Ensure Vaccines & Medications Are Current

Most pet sitting and boarding facilities require all vaccinations to be completed at least two weeks prior to your pet’s stay. This is because some vaccines can take a while to become effective. Also, make sure your dog has been checked for fleas and worms before boarding.

3. Pack Familiar Items

pet sittingIf your pet sitting or boarding facility allows it, pack familiar items for your dog. Their favorite blanket or bed and a few toys will smell like home, so they’ll feel more secure.

Ask the kennel if you can leave their favorite treats and dog food. Having as many familiar items as possible will soothe your dog while you’re away.

4. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Dogs are very in tune with human emotions, so make sure yours are positive and relaxed. In the days and hours leading up to dropping off your pet, prepare for vacation quietly and calmly. When leaving them at the facility, say a quick goodbye and don’t fuss. Emotional farewells will only increase your dog’s stress levels.


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