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A Quick Guide to Metal Plating for Medical Devices September 10, 2020

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A Quick Guide to Metal Plating for Medical Devices, Woodlawn, Ohio

Creating medical implants and devices requires quality materials and precision methods. Metal is a common material used to plate these items since it provides a safe and durable surface. Often, these components are manufactured, and then, a hard chrome plating specialist adds the exterior layer of metal. Here’s what you should know about the process and why it’s so common in the medical industry.

What Are Some Medical Devices That Have Metal Plating?

Since metal is an electrical conductor, many electrical medical devices that use electricity, like cardiac defibrillators and patient monitors, rely on this service. Additionally, many orthopedic implants like those designed to replace joints include metal because of its strength and durability.

In surgical settings, tools that are used on a continual basis, like tweezers and clamps, are often coated in corrosion-resistant metals since they need to be exposed to harsh chemicals to be cleaned and sanitized in between each use.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Plating for Medical Devices?

hard chrome platingMetals are generally strong and durable, which make them perfect for medical devices that need to be used constantly or cleaned using harsh chemicals. Investing in metal plating can allow facilities to spend less on replacement devices and supplies, since their existing tools are likely to last longer.

Some metals even have antimicrobial properties, which makes them especially well suited for things like implants or surgical tools. Finally, metal coating allows for electrical and thermal conductivity, so it can perform an essential function for devices that need to use electric currents or limit patient heat exposure.


If you’re looking for hard chrome plating or other metal plating services for the medical industry, contact R.A. Heller Co. The company has been serving businesses in Cincinnati and the surrounding area since 1946. The machine shop offers hydraulic repair, precision grinding, and chromium plating for those in a wide array of industries, and their 20,000 square foot facility is outfitted with top of the line equipment to complete jobs efficiently. Visit the company’s website to see a list of options for various industries. To discuss your hard chrome plating needs, call (513) 771-6100.

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