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4 Tips for Turning Your Basement Into a Home Gym October 15, 2020

Cincinnati, Hamilton
4 Tips for Turning Your Basement Into a Home Gym, Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether you’re needed at home more regularly or prefer the luxury of working out at any given hour, having a dedicated space for fitness makes staying active much simpler. What better space to accommodate your health goals than right underneath your feet? If you’re looking to transform your basement into a home gym, here’s what you need to do.

How to Set Up Your Basement

1. Clear Out Clutter

Before designing the home gym of your dreams, clear out any clutter and distractions that could get in the way. If you’ve been using your basement as a storage space, consider relocating items to different areas of the house or a separate storage unit. This is also a prime opportunity to donate or throw away household items you no longer need.

2. Install the Right Flooring

home gymWhile you could settle for your basement’s unfinished concrete or plush carpeting, neither are very comfortable or safe. Instead, put down rubber mats or foam tiles that provide shock resistance and support. If you’re looking to replace the flooring, vinyl panels are aesthetically pleasing and resistant to moisture and mold.

3. Utilize Your Walls

Your basement’s walls can be used in a multitude of ways. Having a mirror is a helpful tool to assess your form and stay motivated during exercise sets. If you’re feeling cramped in your basement, it also creates the illusion that you’re working out in a larger space.

Being strategic with your paint colors is another way to keep you going during strenuous routines. Bright neons and metallics can boost your energy levels. If you’re into yoga, a mellower pastel shade, such as a soft green or blue, could have a mellowing effect.

4. Get Equipment Suited to Your Fitness Goals

You don’t need a ton of machinery to make an effective home gym, but you should have a few pieces of equipment catered to your fitness goals. Popular workout staples like weight racks, spin bikes, and punching bags target specific areas like your arms, legs, and core.

Smaller pieces of equipment like yoga mats and medicine balls offer versatility on a budget. A multifunctional machine trainer or elliptical offers full-body engagement to accelerate your fitness journey and make staying on target easier.


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