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4 Healthy Snacks to Give Your Child for Day Care October 9, 2020

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4 Healthy Snacks to Give Your Child for Day Care, Brookline, Massachusetts

Children’s bodies are in a constant state of development and rely on a healthy diet as fuel. It’s crucial to pack healthy treats they can enjoy while they’re at day care. There are many easy-to-prepare snacks to pack each day. Below are several ideas, including the health benefits of these foods.

A Guide to Healthy Snacks for Day Care

1. Ants On a Log

This classic childhood treat is packed with nutrients and easy to prepare. Chop a 6-inch section of celery, spread sunflower butter, and sprinkle with raisins. The protein in sunflower butter helps your child’s growing muscles.

Celery is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support digestion and reduce inflammation. Raisins contain fiber to aid digestion, iron for red blood cell health, and calcium for strong teeth. Just make sure to choose sugar-free varieties to create the healthiest snack.

2. Trail Mix

Trail mix is loaded with various flavors and is an easy day care snack you can prepare with your child. Dried fruit deliver fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Try blending almonds, and cashews with sugar-free dehydrated fruits. Cut out pieces of chocolate, yogurt-covered ingredients, and caramel chips. These all contain unhealthy sugars and fats.

3. Apples & Sunflower Butter

day careA single apple serving has soluble fiber and polyphenols that keep your child’s heart healthy. They help with digestion and gut health, increase bone density, and lower the risk of diabetes. Serve several slices with all-natural sunflower butter for a well-rounded snack.

4. Low-Fat String Cheese

Your child’s body will need plenty of calcium for the rest of their life. Low-fat string cheese is easy to prepare and loaded with it. This mineral contributes to bone health and tooth health. Doses of vitamin C provide an immune system boost, and the protein content will help your child feel full between meals. This prevents unnecessary snacking, which can lead to weight gain.


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