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3 Tips for Passing a Restaurant Health Inspection October 14, 2020

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Tips for Passing a Restaurant Health Inspection, Manhattan, New York

If you’re a restaurant owner, you’ve probably faced a health inspection before. While you might have some notice before an inspector arrives, they typically walk in unannounced. Keeping your store spotless at all times relieves some stress and ensures that you pass the test with flying colors. From hiring window washers to posting workplace signage, these tips will help your restaurant succeed. 

How to Pass a Health Inspection

1. Do Your Own Inspection

Walk into the business and try to see the place from an outsider’s perspective. Most violations occur in the kitchen, but you should also pay attention to bathrooms, waste disposal areas, as well as miscellaneous features throughout your establishment, like lighting, ventilation, and signage.

Next, go through the establishment and conduct a thorough inspection, using the same checklist the health department uses. If your frying grease is dirty or the staff isn’t following safety practices, initiate new training so that you won’t be surprised by these issues when the inspector shows up.

2. Invest in Regular Training

window washerIt’s not unusual for employees to get complacent about cleanliness and food safety, especially if they’ve been working in the kitchen for a long time. Unfortunately, it only takes a single mistake to get a customer sick, and the health inspector could fail your restaurant if they see instances of poor hygiene or cross contamination.

Even if your kitchen is staffed by long-time employees, take the time for regular retraining and point out cleaning tasks that are sometimes overlooked. You should also post signs reminding workers to wash their hands and handle food safely.

3. Know the Codes

Every restaurant owner should have a working knowledge of the local health codes. Many governments have specific codes for different types of restaurants, so knowing which ones apply to you will help you avoid being surprised by provisions you didn’t know about. This can help you avoid trouble with the health agency and protect the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.


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