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4 Awesome Strength Training Benefits October 14, 2020

Lake Saint Louis, Boone
4 Awesome Strength Training Benefits, Boone, Missouri

Whether you use weight machines, free weights, or your own weight to complete the exercises, strength training benefits the body in ways beyond stronger muscles. Here, learn about some of the perks you might not know about. Hearing about the advantages may inspire you to revamp your current fitness regimen or start a new one.

Why Begin Strength Training?

1. Increases Bone Density

Weight training reduces osteoporosis and osteoarthritis risks by increasing bone density. It affects the bones, causing cells to travel to the affected areas and produce proteins such as collagen. Protein deposits allow bones to become stronger and denser. According to a study, 30 minutes of resistance training twice weekly was enough to improve bone density in postmenopausal women.

2. Avoids Muscle Mass Losses

Along with bone density, muscle mass decreases with age. Strength training keeps muscles from weakening or experiencing atrophy-related issues because it makes tiny tears in fibers, causing them to rebuild as stronger, more powerful versions of themselves.

3. Reduces Abdominal Fat

strength trainingMuscle replaces fat on the body, including abdominal fat that is arguably the hardest to lose. Studies show strength training prevents visceral fat accumulations more effectively than cardiovascular training because it increases lean muscle mass in addition to burning calories. Lean muscle mass contributes to a high metabolism that helps the body blast calories quickly even when it’s at rest, which helps maintain a healthy weight without looking “bulky.”

4. Improves Heart Health

Cardiovascular workouts aren’t the only ones contributing to heart health. Weight training prevents fat from forming around the heart to lower the risk of heart disease. It also minimizes disease risks by improving blood circulation. As the lungs inhale more oxygen when you lift weights or engage in other resistance training, it makes your heart work to keep blood circulating at a healthy rate. Lung function improves as well.


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