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4 Key Signs It’s Time for New Custom Food Truck Equipment October 12, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
4 Key Signs It’s Time for New Custom Food Truck Equipment, Brooklyn, New York

Running a food truck is about connecting with and feeding people, and if you don’t have the right equipment, that can be a challenge. Knowing when it’s time to get new custom food truck equipment will ensure you stay efficient, keep costs low, and don’t disappoint customers. Below are a few signs that it’s time to upgrade your mobile kitchen products.

When Is It Time to Buy New Custom Food Truck Equipment?

1. Your Current Equipment Is In Poor Shape

Equipment that has visible damage – such as rust, broken knobs, or exposed wiring – can pose safety hazards and interfere with the function of the appliance. If your equipment is breaking down often, it’s another sign that it’s time to upgrade.

Frequent breakdowns signal that the appliance is at the end of its lifespan, and each time it stops working, you lose money in downtime, parts, and labor. Instead of throwing money into an outdated appliance, it’s smarter to invest it in new equipment.

2. Your Business Has Grown

custom food truckIf your client base has expanded, your current workspace may not work for you anymore. Larger work surfaces, more burners, and a bigger cooking space will allow you to accommodate rushes and large orders with ease, getting them out quickly and keeping customers happy.

Similarly, if you’ve added new items to your menu, you may need a workstation that offers more functionalities to improve the way you make them, such as a fryer, steamer, or stovetop.

3. Your Current Equipment Is Inefficient or Outdated

If your equipment is old, it’s likely lost efficiency. Old appliances likely need more maintenance to stay in working condition, and they have higher operating costs because they use more fuel or power. Your outdated equipment may also fail to heat up quickly or evenly, be noisy when running, or may not be up to current safety codes, posing a health hazard.

4. Your Layout Hinders Your Work

Your food truck design should be efficient and flowing, allowing you to prepare and serve your dishes without running in circles or going back and forth between stations.

If you have multiple small appliances spaced throughout your truck, you could save time and hassle by investing in a modern appliance that combines functions and allows you to do most of your work in the same area. It minimizes the frenzy that can occur during rushes, makes multitasking easier, and helps keep you focused.


Is it time to update your custom food truck equipment? Serving New York City, New Jersey, Maryland, and North Carolina, Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions has the mobile kitchen products, expertise, and services to make the process painless. With over 25 years of experience, they’ll help create an efficient food truck design, install your new appliances, and maintain them with skilled service and repairs. Learn more about their services online and call the Brooklyn-based company at (800) 253-4815 to get started.

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