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How Seniors Benefit From Meditation October 5, 2020

Northwest Travis, Travis County
How Seniors Benefit From Meditation , Northwest Travis, Texas

While growing old can be a beautiful and transformative process, it can also mean health issues, such as diabetes, anxiety about aging, and pain. These often require elderly care and medical attention. Fortunately, there are proactive steps that seniors can take to protect their minds and bodies. Meditation, for example, has a variety of health benefits for older individuals. Here are a few. 

3 Benefits of Meditation for Seniors

1. Cognition

Dementia is common among seniors, with around 50% of people over the ages of 85 having some form of it. It can cause emotional regulation issues, memory loss, and other cognitive problems. Fortunately, meditation can help combat the effects of dementia, such as anxiety, stress, and nervousness. 

2. Pain Management

elderly careAmong older adults, chronic pain is a common issue. Meditation has been shown to help with pain acceptance and management, as well as physical function. Learning to be more mindful of the body and how the brain reacts to painful stimuli, allows seniors to effectively deal with the anxiety and stress that result from the pain. Additionally, it’ll help soothe the emotional patterns in the brain that lead to even more pain.    

3. Fatigue & Sleep

Fatigue and insomnia are common among seniors, especially those with dementia. Meditation helps people improve their sleep after around six weeks of practicing regularly. It makes it easier for seniors trying to fall asleep to turn off intrusive thoughts and focus on relaxing.  

Additionally, the deep breathing involved in meditation brings extra oxygen into the brain, keeping the meditator more alert and less tired throughout the day. In turn, seniors are better able to enjoy their hobbies and the other activities they do throughout the day. 


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