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Should You Choose a Revolving or Automatic Door? October 14, 2020

Waipahu, Ewa
Should You Choose a Revolving or Automatic Door?, Ewa, Hawaii

Both revolving and automatic doors offer advantages to commercial building owners. Whether they rotate or slide, these doors make it simple for people to easily enter the premises. When deciding which is the right option for your property, consider these factors.

Revolving Doors

A revolving door creates a barrier between the inside and outside. The rotating structure remains continuously closed as it moves, preventing air loss, keeping heat outside where it belongs, and contributing to significant cooling cost savings.

Because revolving doors must be pushed manually as people enter the building, they don’t use any extra energy. They also help manage foot traffic by providing a continuous entry and exit path.

The effort required to push the door makes it an impractical choice for spaces disabled or elderly individuals are likely to frequent, such as stores and hospitals. It can also be difficult for some children to manage without assistance.

But revolving doors add style and character to upscale and refined establishments, such as restaurants, theaters, lounges, and office buildings.

Automatic Doors

automatic doorsAutomatic doors rely on motion detection or may work with an open button. The doors slide smoothly apart, providing enough room to enter. They can easily accommodate several people at once, plus they provide guests who use mobility aids with a simplified entry.

On the other hand, they use some energy as they slide back and forth throughout the day. As they open and close, the cool air inside the building escapes, so they’re slightly less efficient than revolving models. This type of door is suited for busy establishments that welcome constant visitors, such as healthcare facilities, hotels, grocery stores, and shops.


Whether you’re interested in revolving or automatic doors, trust in the team at Automatic Door Specialists in Waipahu, HI, to supply and install a product that benefits your building. Serving the community for more than 30 years, the locally owned company offers commercial door and automatic gate installation to ensure your building’s security. Plus, they’re certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM). Visit them online or call (808) 678-8880 for more information about their products.

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