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3 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Senior Loved One October 12, 2020

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3 Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Senior Loved One, North Bend, Washington

As your loved one ages, it becomes more important than ever to remain in close contact with them. By making it a priority to stay in touch, you’ll bring joy to both of your lives. Whether your family member lives elsewhere with relatives or in a senior living facility, there are several steps you can take to keep the connection strong. Here are three ideas.

How Can You Stay in Touch With Your Elderly Loved One?

1. Send Daily Texts

One of the most thoughtful ways to maintain a constant presence in your elderly loved one’s life is to send texts regularly. You’re sure to make them smile when you send them “good morning” and “good night” wishes. Add a photograph to personalize it even more — think little things they might like, such as the flower you photographed on your morning walk or the sunset view from your deck. If it’s difficult for them to send text messages, consider helping them implement a speech-to-text device to make it simpler.

2. Schedule Video Calls

senior livingWhile talking on the phone is a great way to keep in touch, communicating via video adds another layer to your conversations. To make it more of a habit, schedule a day of the week that’s best for both of you to talk. If your loved one is out of state or at a senior living facility that isn’t nearby, make it even more enjoyable for them by involving them in your routine. For example, you might show them what you cooked that day, or the care package you’re planning to mail them.

3. Play Games Together

To liven things up a little, why not play a game together? On smartphones, computers, and tablets, it’s easy to make a digital connection and play with one another whenever it’s most convenient for both of you. It will give your loved one something to look forward to while they’re relaxing in their senior living facility or at home, and you’ll forge an even greater bond at the same time. Look for a game that’s suitable for seniors; it should be straightforward to play and feature large text that’s easy to read.


If you seek a secure and comfortable senior living facility for your loved one, consider Red Oak Residence in North Bend, WA. Providing a customized approach, they make it easy to enjoy the comforts of independent living in a space where elderly care and assistance are readily available. They offer numerous on-site amenities, including a library, salon, and laundry facility. Visit the website to find out more about the nursing home, or call (425) 888-7108 to speak with a representative.

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