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3 Reasons to Get a Boundary Survey September 1, 2020

New Britain, Hartford County
3 Reasons to Get a Boundary Survey, New Britain, Connecticut

A boundary survey involves a land surveyor determining the boundary lines of a property. They may use deeds, measuring tools, and field research to figure out where the property ends and then mark the boundaries clearly. Here are some instances where this service may be required or could come in handy for homeowners.

Why You May Need a Boundary Survey

1. Adding Onto Your Property

If you’re considering a home addition or adding a new structure like a garage or shed to your property, you need to make sure it is fully constructed on land that you own. If you accidentally build on someone else’s property, it could lead to a dispute, and you may even need to have the structure torn down. Boundary line surveys allow you to undertake these projects confidently.

2. Building a Fence

boundary lineFences are generally placed along boundary lines that separate neighbors. Some communities require surveys before putting up new fences, so check with the local zoning commission.

Even if it’s not required, locating the exact spot where the property ends allows both you and your neighbor to maximize your yard space and privacy. You might split the cost of a fence that goes right along the boundary line, or you could construct it yourself if you keep it fully on your own side.

3. Selling Part of Your Land

Those who own a lot of land may want to sell off pieces of their property to different buyers to maximize their investment. For example, a homeowner on a double lot could sell half of their land to a builder who can construct a new home.

Those who own large plots can even split their property multiple times. However, you need to be clear about the boundary lines of the property you’re selling so that buyers can make an informed decision, and this is what a land surveyor provides.


If you’re looking for a land surveyor to determine your boundary lines, contact Flynn & CYR Land Surveying in Kensington and Berlin, CT. The company is licensed by the state of Connecticut and offers FEMA, subdivision, construction, and boundary line surveys. The small team provides dedicated service to each client so that you can feel confident in the quality of their work. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (860) 828-7886 to request an estimate.

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