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Need to Move a Mounted TV? Why You Should Hire Professionals September 30, 2020

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Need to Move a Mounted TV? Why You Should Hire Professionals, Cincinnati, Ohio

Regardless of whether you plan on hiring movers to help with the rest of your belongings, it’s wise to call on them when it comes time to move your TV. Despite their sleek shape, flatscreen televisions are actually surprisingly heavy. What’s more, the average person doesn’t have the right tools or techniques to handle such a bulky item with ease. If you’re still on the fence, here are some of the biggest reasons to turn to professionals. 

3 Reasons to Hire Movers for Help With Your Mounted TV

1. To Protect Your Investment

Experienced movers know how to unmount and transport even the largest televisions safely. Reputable companies also carry plenty of property damage insurance since accidents can—and do—happen.

That means if something happens to your TV en route, they will give you the cash to replace it. If you were to move the TV yourself, on the other hand, and you ended up dropping it, you would have no financial recourse. 

2. To Save Yourself the Hassle 

moversTaking a TV off the wall and then wrapping it up can be time-consuming. If you’re in the middle of a move, you have enough to worry about without having to spend an hour—or more—dealing with a single appliance.

Not only will you have to dig out the right tools—which you may or may not have already packed—but you’ll also have to call out reinforcements to hold the TV while you unmount it. 

3. To Prevent Serious Injuries 

If you decide to unmount the TV yourself and something goes wrong, you could get seriously hurt. If it falls and breaks, for example, the sharp shards could cause deep lacerations. Lifting the TV incorrectly after you’ve taken it down could also cause injury—and the last situation you need while packing up your belongings is a sprain or strain. 


When it comes time to move your mounted TV, turn to Smooth Move Relocation Services LLC. Operating out of Cincinnati, OH, these professional packers and movers are proud to serve clients across the Tri-State area. Since 2000, their highly trained team has been facilitating local moves. To request an in-home estimate, reach out on their website or call (513) 481-1316.

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