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Should You Take Your Child to See a Pediatric Chiropractor? August 24, 2020

Manhattan, New York City, NY
Should You Take Your Child to See a Pediatric Chiropractor?, Manhattan, New York

Neck and shoulder pain are a common occurrence for many adults resulting in loss of productivity and an overall quality of life.  Many question whether this could be prevented. Some chiropractors suggest checking your children early in life and sometimes even while they are still babies. Vertebral subluxation is a term chiropractors use when they are referring to a misalignment in the spine that is causing interference in the nervous system and thus, brain-body connection.  Pediatric chiropractors aim to find vertebral subluxation(s) throughout a child's development and correct them sooner rather than later. 

A random sample of 826 high-school students were given the validated Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire to collect data about whether or not they had neck and shoulder symptoms. Two groups of symptomatic (n=16) and asymptomatic (n=15) individuals were chosen for an MRI study to be assessed by two radiologists. Abnormal MRI findings were common in both study groups. The most interesting findings were in the asymptomatic group:  67% had disc annular tears, 73% had disc degeneration and 87% had disc protrusions. The only MRI finding that was significantly associated with the neck pain was when the disc was actually herniated.  These findings indicate that pathophysiological changes of cervical spine verified on MRI seem to explain only part of the occurrence of neck and shoulder pain in young adults.

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries for all children ages 0 to 19. Approximately 8,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms daily for fall related injuries.  That makes 2.8 million children each year!  

Not all falls are created equal, but is it possible that out of an average 2,000 falls by age 5, one of them could have created a subluxation(s)?,2.8%20million%20children%20each%20year.  


For more information, call the Pure Balance centers at (212)661-5656 in the Murray Hill neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan or (973)773-8244 in Clifton, New Jersey. Dr. Michael Magwood and Dr. Raeann Zschokke represent pediatric chiropractic, utilizing the low force Torque Release Technique (TRT) and are certified in the Webster Technique, commonly applied to pregnant patients.

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