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3 Common Applications for Nickel Plating October 5, 2020

West End, Cincinnati
3 Common Applications for Nickel Plating, Cincinnati, Ohio

All too often, people use or engage with products without ever thinking about how they came to be. One such process that is used to prepare everyday materials is nickel plating. This technique refers to applying a thin layer of nickel to the outside of an object. The following guide explores some of the common applications of this process you might be surprised to discover.

What Are Some Ways in Which Nickel Plating Is Used?

1. Aerospace Equipment

Large pieces of equipment like planes, spaceships, and helicopters can be subject to extreme wear and tear due to high altitudes, frigid temperatures, and intense pressure. As such, the small parts and components that make these pieces of machinery run require protection to ensure the safety of all operators. Nickel plating adds an extra layer to prevent complications and damages. 

2. Collector Coins

nickel platingCollecting coins is a beloved pastime for many. However, in order for these items to maintain their value, they need to remain in top-quality condition. For that reason, many owners opt to protect their coins through nickel plating. This helps protect against rust and corrosion, so your investment retains its original condition.

3. Car Parts

Nickel plating is used in the automotive industry for two purposes: functionality and aesthetics. When applied to parts like bolts and fasteners, the end goal is to prevent corrosion from exposure to the elements. It might also be used in hydraulic shafts for the same purpose. As far as aesthetics go, manufacturers often use nickel plating to dress up the appearance of grills and bumpers, making them shinier and brighter.


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