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3 Important Steps to Take When a Toilet Overflows September 4, 2020

Ontario, Wayne
3 Important Steps to Take When a Toilet Overflows, Ontario, New York

An overflowing toilet isn’t just a plumbing issue; it can also lead to water damage and unsanitary conditions around the rest of your bathroom. If you experience this issue, you need to act quickly to minimize the impact. Here are some steps to limit damage and get your toilet working properly again as quickly as possible.

What to Do When Your Toilet Overflows

1. Turn Off the Water

To stop overflow from your toilet, you need to cut off the water supply. Most toilets have a shutoff valve behind the tank; turn it counterclockwise. Some valves get a bit stuck since they’re not used often, so you might need to put some muscle into it.

2. Stop Water From the Tank

plumbingEven if you’ve stopped the water flow, there may still be some running into the bowl from the tank above. To stop this, take the top off the tank and locate the float ball. This cylindrical valve rests on top of the water line and signals when to send water from the tank to the bowl. Lift the ball above the water line and prop it up or hold it in place. You may need to use a disposable cup to remove water from the tank before placing it back inside.

3. Clear the Clog

Most toilets overflow because of a clog. Once the water has stopped flowing, use a plunger to try to clear the pipe that runs from the toilet. Place it just over the hole and apply pressure to create suction to break the blockage loose. If this doesn’t work, you might try a snake or auger.


If the toilet clog doesn’t clear, turn to John Lockwood Plumbing in Ontario, NY, for emergency repairs. They’ve served residents and businesses throughout Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario counties since 1973. Visit the plumbing contractor’s website to see a full list of services. To request an estimate, call (585) 265-0736.

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