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4 Ways Hearing Aids Have Improved in the Last 5 Years October 9, 2020

4 Ways Hearing Aids Have Improved in the Last 5 Years, Groton, Connecticut

Humans have attempted to magnify sound to compensate for hearing loss for centuries, though the first electronic hearing aid was invented in 1898. Technology has progressed tremendously since then, and even in the past few years, hearing aids have evolved significantly. Here are a few ways the technology has improved. 

4 Ways Hearing Aids Have Evolved 

1. Improved Sound 

The most significant improvement in hearing aid technology has been enhanced sound, thanks to advanced microcomputers. New devices offer more clarity, including less distortion and better perception of soft voices. They can also reproduce music more accurately. These improvements can help wearers experience life more confidently.

2. Better in Noisy Environments 

hearing-aid-madison-CTThe computers in recent designs have a higher processing speed compared to their predecessors. In addition to picking up quiet noises and detail more effectively, they provide less distortion in noisy environments. In the past, many people had difficulty hearing with a lot of background noise. Also, certain accessories can make it easier to decipher speech from multiple directions, which is helpful at social gatherings.  

3. Connectivity 

The ability to connect hearing aids with phones has been around for a while, but today’s devices can connect wirelessly, whereas those of yesterday had to use a cable. With smart hearing aids, users can wirelessly connect to their tablet, laptop, or smartphone and speak and listen without the need for earbuds or headphones. Many devices come with streaming apps that can offer additional features, such as closed captioning. 

4. Aesthetics 

Both in-ear and over-the-ear hearing aids have undergone cosmetic improvements as well. They’re smaller than before and can be customized to fit the ear canal more smoothly. They can also be dyed to match skin tone. 


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