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3 Ways to Keep Racoons Away from Your House October 1, 2020

Downtown Dayton, Dayton
3 Ways to Keep Racoons Away from Your House, Dayton, Ohio

Raccoons scatter garbage, eat all the birdseed you leave out, and will usually require extensive pest control. However, by following a few steps, you can convince them to find somewhere else to scavenge. Below are some ways to keep raccoons away from your house.

3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Racoons Away

1. Bring Pet Food Indoors

Many people feed their pets outside to minimize the amount of mess they can make. However, if left outside, this can attract raccoons, who will then explore the rest of the surroundings for more food and shelter. Bring in your pet's food and water bowls before nightfall to prevent issues and consider feeding your pets indoors permanently. Choose someplace where it doesn't matter if they make a mess, like the basement or mudroom.

2.   Secure the Trash Can

pest controlMake sure you keep the trash can inside your garage until garbage pickup day. Close the garage doors at night so the pests can't get inside. If you must keep the can outside, make sure it has a sturdy lid, and keep it covered whenever it contains trash. Choose a container that is large, durable, and heavy enough that pests cannot knock it over or lift the lid.

3. Fence in Your Garden

Raccoons love fruits and vegetables, so install a fence around your garden. One taste of a ripe melon or juicy tomato, and they'll be back looking for more. These pests are great climbers, so you may need a fence with an electric charge—just enough to scare and dissuade them from scaling it. Another tip is to record a talk show and play it on a loop in your garden. The sound of voices will make them think the feeding area is actively guarded, and they’ll likely choose somewhere else for food.


Raccoons are stubborn creatures, so if the pest control methods above don't work, contact AllPest Pest Control & Wildlife Removal in Lewisburg, OH. They have served the Dayton area for more than 35 years and also specialize in termite treatment, bat removal, and bed bug heat treatment. Learn more about them on their website or call (937) 884-5646 to request a consultation.

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