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Weirdest Item Ever Seen at the Pawn Shop December 2, 2015

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
Weirdest Item Ever Seen at the Pawn Shop, Lincoln, Nebraska

People always ask me what is the weirdest item that has ever come into the store.  Yesterday we had a doozy.  A guy comes in and pulls out of his pocket a ring and something he says is the diamond that is missing from the setting.  We take a look at what he has and it is only a broken shard of glass!  When he is told what he has he continues to insist it is a diamond and demands we give him cash for his item. 

What do you tell someone that is delusional and still allow them to keep their self respect and not have them loose their cool?  

I guess those Gemologist classes are finally working.

If you have an interesting item bring them by so we can have a look.

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