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4 Stages of Scrap Metal Recycling October 9, 2020

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4 Stages of Scrap Metal Recycling, Goshen, Ohio

Scrap metal recycling is a beneficial process that allows for reusing metals instead of consuming too many limited resources. It’s a complex process that starts the moment metal is brought to a recycling center. This guide provides a brief overview of the metal recycling process.

How Is Scrap Metal Recycled?

1. Separating Metal Fragments

Most items that are turned in for scrap metal recycling are made up of various materials, including glass, plastic, and fabric. The separation process involves using magnets, sensors, and visual inspections to ensure that nonmetallic objects are removed from each item. It helps for human workers to monitor this process because they can identify metals by texture and color. Aluminum is silver, while brass is yellow. Experienced workers can identify these metals quickly.

2. Processing & Melting the Metal

scrap metal reyclingThe next step is to strip the metal down so it’s easier to melt. This requires shredding aluminum and molding it into large sheets. Other metals are compressed into blocks. The separation of specific metals is important because each type has a different melting point, and the various metals are taken to furnaces designed to melt each type. Some scrap metals take just a few minutes to melt, while others require hours of intense heat.

3. Purifying the Metal 

The next step is to ensure the metal has been melted down into its purest form and doesn’t contain foreign contaminants. Usually, this is done by charging the metal with an electric current and monitoring for a chemical reaction. This process is called electrolysis, and it helps workers at a recycling services center verify the metals’ purity.

4. Returning Metal to a Solid State

The final step involves cooling the metal to a solid state for transportation to industrial and manufacturing facilities. The liquid metal is poured into molds and sent along a conveyor belt that carries it through a cooling process. The molds are usually used to transform metal into long rods, although other shapes may be requested by the companies who buy the recycled metal.


If you have a junk car, you can turn it in to a scrap metal recycling center to ensure most of the vehicle will be reused. Phipps Auto Parts in Goshen, OH, will offer you cash payments for your scrap metal and junk cars. They will pick up your vehicle and offer you a fair and honest price for it. You can learn more about them by visiting their website. If you have questions about the types of scrap metal they buy, call them at (513) 722-2034.

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