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3 Benefits of Using Window Decals for Outdoor Marketing October 5, 2020

Tribeca, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Using Window Decals for Outdoor Marketing, Manhattan, New York

Whether you own a clothing shop, restaurant, hair salon, or boutique pet supply store, outdoor marketing helps you stand out from other businesses on your block. As such, window decals can be effective at attracting customers to your establishment. This type of printing service is affordable and easy to customize, making it suitable for various companies across multiple industries. Here are a few reasons to make this investment.

Why You Should Use Window Decals

1. Quick Installation & Removal

Unlike elaborate interior displays or banners, window decals can easily be set up. Once you receive the order from your printing services company, you or your employees can put them up on the same day.

Unlike larger signage, you won't need a city permit either. When you're ready for new decals, simply peel them off.

2. Fully Customizable

printing servicesDecals can be used for several purposes, whether it's announcing a sale, detailing a menu, or providing parking lot directions. If you'd like to add artwork that emphasizes your branding, you can do that too. This versatility makes it perfect for clothing stores, cafes, and other businesses with seasonal shifts.

3. Increase Privacy

Window decals can be designed with as much visibility as you want. For example, you may want to obscure the view into your business for privacy or security reasons.

A printing services company can provide an elaborate filigree motif that includes multiple small transparent sections. Instead of curtains or blinds that would block the entire window, this solution still allows light to pour inside.


For vibrant, high-quality window decals, contact Bestype Imaging in Manhattan, NY. They've been trusted by businesses throughout NYC for more than 40 years. Aside from window decals, they can also print banners, booklets, and brochures. View the full list of their printing services online, or call (212) 966-6886 if you have questions.

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