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3 Signs Your Riding Mower's Starter Is Failing October 8, 2020

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3 Signs Your Riding Mower's Starter Is Failing, De Kalb, Texas

As a property owner, maintaining the quality of your grass is a must, as it is one of the first aspects that people see. For that reason, many homeowners invest in riding mowers to make this responsibility easier. However, over time, your appliance might start showing signs of a breakdown, and one of the most common areas for this is the starter. Below are a few indication that yours is about to break so that you can rectify the issue. 

How to Tell if Your Riding Mower’s Starter Is Breaking

1. Faulty Solenoid

The solenoid sends a spark to the engine that ignites the fuel and allows all of the other components to function. When the solenoid connects to the battery properly, you’ll hear a clicking noise when you turn on the engine. However, if the motor is silent even after you turn the appliance on, the solenoid’s connection is likely loose. For the starter to function properly, you’ll need to reconnect these parts.

2. Quiet Engine

starterIf the solenoid does click after you turn the engine on, you should also hear a humming sound. This occurs when the spark sent by the solenoid catches in the engine, powering the mower. If you don’t hear this sound, the motor’s gears aren’t engaging properly, and the mower will likely turn off soon. This is because it is not receiving a steady supply of power, preventing its components from operating.

3. Not Starting

In some cases, your riding mower won’t start at all. When this happens, check the battery before anything else. If this part is dead, replacing it will usually fix the issue. However, if you test the battery and it has a charge, but the mower still won’t turn on, you likely need to replace the starter. This happens when the alternator does not transfer power properly, burning out the starter in the process.


If you need help diagnosing your riding mower’s starter issues, contact Eubanks Auto Electric Inc. in De Kalb, TX. For over 65 years, they have been providing electrical repair and replacement services for tractors, trucks, and heavy equipment to residents throughout the Four State area. Visit them online to learn more about their services. Call (903) 667-2081 to schedule an appointment. 

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