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3 Tree Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid October 8, 2020

Waiakea Ahupua`a, Hilo
3 Tree Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid, Hilo, Hawaii

Keeping trees healthy requires regular upkeep and care. But sometimes, a well-intentioned homeowner can end up causing more harm than good. For that reason, arborists warn against approaching tree care without the correct knowledge and skill set. Here's a closer look at three damaging errors to avoid. 

3 Common Tree Care Mistakes

1. Too Much or Not Enough Pruning

Pruning is an essential tree maintenance task that encourages optimal growth and reduces the risk of illness and infestation. However, only if it’s performed with the right frequency will it promote tree health.

Over-pruning presents a risk of weight instability and infection from open wounds. Not enough pruning reduces potential growth and usually increases limb and twig loss during storms.

The ideal frequency varies by tree type, age, and location. Typically, tree pruning is needed at least once a year for the first 10 years and every two to five years afterward. 

3. Incorrect Watering

arboristWater is vital to plant life. However, too much moisture can drown the roots and cause rot, killing the plant. To find the perfect balance, ask an arborist to evaluate your trees. They know how to create a precise watering schedule based on species, age, and season. 

3. Too Much Mulch

Mulch helps keep the soil around the base of the tree hydrated. As a result, the plant can access moisture with ease. But when laid too high, the wet mulch can cause the bark to rot, which exposes the tree to disease. It's best to keep mulch piles under four inches tall around the base. 


Keep your trees healthy and happy with the help of Arborist Services in Hilo, HI. Residents across the Big Island rely on the certified arborists for knowledgeable and dedicated tree services. From maintenance to removal, review the team’s offerings online. Request a free quote by calling (808) 895-6537.

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