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The Do's & Don'ts of Handling a Bat Infestation October 7, 2020

Milford, Miami
The Do's & Don'ts of Handling a Bat Infestation, Miami, Ohio

You may be dealing with a bat infestation if there is squeaking coming from the walls or if you notice the smell of ammonia. Homeowners can protect themselves and their houses by taking steps to rid the building of these flying mammals. Here are several tips to follow if there are bats in your house.


Keep a watchful eye.

Your home may have a bat problem if you notice unpleasant smells, dead or live bats in the yard or home, or oily streaks on the walls. Removing a bat infestation as soon as possible prevents lasting damage to your home from their waste.

Guano not only stains the walls, but it can also create foul odors and encourage mold growth. Their waste may also harbor histoplasmosis, a fungus that can cause a serious infection in humans.

Offer alternatives.

Bats eat insects, pollinate plants, and disperse seeds. These unique mammals should be celebrated for their biological benefits. Instead of wanting them removed from your yard, create an alternative home once you have dealt with the infestation.

Bat houses and hotels are great ways to encourage the animals to live nearby without taking over your residence. However, creating these homes won’t entice the mammals away from your house, so ensure the infestation is controlled before building or installing one on the property.


Seal up the home.

bat infestation Cincinnati OHIt may be tempting to seal the routes bats may have used to enter the home, such as roof vents or eaves. However, you must remove the current population before taking this step, or you’ll trap the creatures inside.

Work with a bat infestation expert to relocate the bats before sealing potential entries. These professionals can also install specialized barriers that allow bats to exit without being able to get back in.

Make assumptions.

Homeowners often guess they have a bat infestation if they notice one bat flying around their house. These small creatures may fly in an open door or window, and their presence isn’t always an indication that there are more hiding inside the house. Look for signs of other animals and contact a professional pest removal service to perform an inspection to assess the property.


Homeowners concerned about bat infestations should trust the team at Batman Enterprises in Cincinnati, OH. These experienced professionals offer 24/7 service to remove and safely relocate bats away from your home. They also offer guano removal and disinfectant services. Visit them online or call the Hamilton County bat experts at (513) 600-3079 for a free inspection.

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