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Should You Build a Gazebo or Pergola? October 20, 2020

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Should You Build a Gazebo or Pergola?, Norwood, Ohio

Many homes don’t feel complete until they have an outdoor entertainment space. Pergolas and gazebos are two popular additions that may be perfect for your goals, and though they’re similar structures, each building design has its advantages. Here’s a closer look to help you create an outdoor area you’ll love.

Pergola vs. Gazebo


Pergolas feature vertical posts and overhead crossbeams that create a partial roof. They provide partial shade during summer and are perfect for growing vines. Homeowners often establish living roofs by training honeysuckle, grapevines, and wisteria to grow around the horizontal lattices and vertical posts.

A pergola isn’t an all-weather space, however. Rain and snow will still fall through, and there are no partitions to block powerful winds. Instead, homeowners build pergolas for seasonal enjoyment. Others also create purely aesthetic building designs for adding vertical growth to their garden or cover for a walkway. Your plans for the space will help you decide if a pergola is right for your needs and aesthetics.


building designGazebos are traditionally built in an octagon shape and have a full roof supported by vertical posts. They provide superior shade when compared to pergolas, and many homeowners install seating and tables. While they can be built on the ground, people often lay down a dedicated wood deck or concrete slab. They’re often outfitted with roll-down canvas sides or bug nets and situated next to a lake or garden.

A gazebo will take up more space than a pergola, and the pitched roof may block views because it’s intended to shield you from rain. You can grow vines on the structure, though be careful that they don’t grow beneath roofing panels and damage the wood. It will generally require more maintenance since more materials are used in the building design. Quality materials, however, ensure it will last for many years to come.


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