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3 Reasons Churches Need Steeple Cleaning on a Regular Basis September 30, 2020

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3 Reasons Churches Need Steeple Cleaning on a Regular Basis, High Point, North Carolina

Steeples are perhaps the most beautiful and symbolic architectural element used in church design. Over time, though, continuous exposure to the elements can begin to take a toll on a steeple’s appearance and structural integrity. As a major focal point and long-term investment for a place of worship, steeples need proper care and routine maintenance. Steeple cleaning is one task that should be done on a regular basis. 

Why Steeple Cleaning Is Essential

1. Prevent Structural Damage

Dirt, grime, bird droppings, and mold may gradually build up on a steeple’s surface. This is not only unsightly, but it will also start wearing away at the structure’s material.

In turn, leaving steeples unwashed for a long period of time can result in significant deterioration. Cleaning eliminates the contaminants that cause damage and helps keep them structurally sound.

2. Boost Curb Appeal

steeple cleaningChurches with a well-maintained outdoor space are more inviting to their community members. As such, curb appeal plays a vital role in growing a congregation.

A dull and dingy steeple can detract from a church’s exterior aesthetic and present a poor first impression to visitors and passersby. Regular steeple cleaning will help restore the architecture’s original beauty, allowing congregants to take pride in the church they attend.

3. Promote a Healthy Environment

Throughout the seasons, a building’s exterior surfaces may accumulate mold and other bacteria that could become harmful to those inside. If they infiltrate the interior, these organisms can cause congregants and church officials to experience severe allergy and asthma attacks or respiratory issues. Washing the steeple removes toxic pollutants and promotes a healthier environment.


Based in High Point, NC, A&M Crane and Rigging has been providing reliable and affordable steeple cleaning services to churches across the Carolinas since 1980. This team of professionals is experienced in pressure washing even the hardest-to-reach areas. Using high-quality tools and techniques, they can help keep your place of worship looking its best for years to come. Call (336) 889-6000 to request an estimate or visit them online for more information on what they do.

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