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3 Steps to Take Before Turning on the Furnace September 10, 2020

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3 Steps to Take Before Turning on the Furnace, Alliance, Ohio

Before you turn on your furnace to warm up your home this fall, make sure that it’s up to the challenge. Maintaining a comfortable temperature for months is no small task, so the HVAC system needs to be in top condition to run efficiently. Here’s how to prepare the appliance and steer clear of problems during the seasons ahead.

How to Prepare Your Furnace for the Cold Weather

1. Replace the Filters

Air filters are designed to collect particles that could otherwise circulate throughout the home, such as dust, mold spores, and pet dander. When they become clogged with these elements, air can’t circulate properly, forcing the furnace to work harder to warm the house. 

Changing the filters before the beginning of the season extends the life span of the HVAC system, reduces energy costs, and prevents unexpected breakdowns.

2. Clear the Surroundings

HVACNever use the space surrounding the furnace for storage purposes. Many items are combustible, and anything from a couch to a cardboard box could catch on fire from the heat.

As a rule of thumb, keep at least a few feet of clearance on all sides of the furnace. This also gives your contractor easy access to the unit during routine maintenance appointments.

3. Check the Registers

Inspect the registers situated throughout the home for dust and debris. Pollutants accumulate quickly and can compromise proper airflow.

Wipe down the grill, then remove the cover and use a vacuum to carefully clear any dust buildup inside. Make sure that the registers aren’t obstructed by objects, such as furnishings and area rugs. Belongings hinder airflow and strain the HVAC system.


Homeowners throughout northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania count on the HVAC contractors of White Refrigeration in Alliance, OH, for all of their heating and cooling needs. This company has offered heating repairs and maintenance, boiler installation, and radiant floor heating since 1973. They maintain all makes and models of HVAC equipment. Visit them online for more information on their heating services, or call (330) 821-1243 to schedule an appointment.

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