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The 3 Main Components of a Wind Turbine September 21, 2020

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The 3 Main Components of a Wind Turbine, Woodlawn, Ohio

A wind turbine transfers power from the wind into electrical energy. You can have many of the steel parts of a wind turbine made by machine shop professionals. First, however, it's important to understand the basic components of a standard wind turbine; these three main parts are discussed in more detail below.

What Are the Parts of a Wind Turbine?

1. The Rotor

The rotor consists of a central hub and two or three large blades that extend outward from it. One side of each blade is curved and the other flat, so air moves faster along the curved edge.

This results in a pressure difference between each side of the blade, which forces the blade to move to equalize the pressure. The movement of the blades is essential to harnessing wind power and producing electrical energy.

2. The Tower

machine shopThe tower is the support structure for the turbine. It holds up the rotor and nacelle. Most towers are made from tubular steel or steel lattice. In general, the higher the tower is, the more potential the turbine has for greater energy production. Most towers stretch between 50 and 100 meters above the ground.

3. The Nacelle

The nacelle is essentially the control hub of the wind turbine. It is installed on top of the tower and houses the brakes, controllers, gears, and generators. The gears connect the blades to the generator and increase the rotational speed of the blades.

The generator then transforms the power from the rotation into electrical energy. Depending on the scope of the wind turbine your machine shop makes for you, nacelles can range in size from small rectangular cases to massive constructions more than 50 feet long.


These components provide a crucial foundation for any wind turbine. When you need these metal parts manufactured, trust R.A. Heller Co. They are a Cincinnati, OH-based machine shop that has been serving area customers since 1946. Their services include hard chrome plating, precision grinding, and piston rod repairs. They can tackle any size job from their 20,000-square-foot facility, and they look forward to helping you bring your wind turbine specs to life. Call (513) 771-6100 or visit their machine shop online to request an estimate.

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