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3 Reasons to Allow Your Preschooler to Experiment With Cooking September 11, 2020

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3 Reasons to Allow Your Preschooler to Experiment With Cooking, Brookline, Massachusetts

When children reach preschool age, they’re ready to learn a variety of skills, from sharing toys and reading to dressing themselves and exploring their surroundings. A task that could enhance their learning and communication skills is cooking. When searching for a day care center, make sure that they offer cooking opportunities so your little one reaps the following benefits.

Why Your Child Benefits From Cooking at Day Care

1. Improves Confidence

At a day care cooking class, preschoolers learn how to complete simple tasks, such as cracking an egg. The knowledge that they performed an essential task for creating a meal can do wonders for their self-esteem. With greater confidence, your little one will likely feel more comfortable talking to others at the day care center, which will help them develop important social skills and create friendships. 

2. Teaches Math 

preschoolCounting ingredients, using measuring cups, and cutting food in half are excellent ways to make learning math more fun and hands-on at day care. Moreover, cooking shows your child that math is important beyond the classroom. This realization can motivate your preschooler to work harder on their math skills. 

3. Emphasizes Nutrition 

Day care cooking classes often feature lessons about nutrition. For example, when a child learns to crack an egg, the teacher can explain how eggs help them stay strong and healthy because of the high protein levels. Learning about the importance of such foods can set your little one up for a life full of delicious, nutritious eating. 


To introduce your child to the world of cooking, head to Tiny World Child Care. With locations in Brookline and Newton, MA, this bilingual child care center offers enriching preschool programs that feature cooking classes. Led by compassionate instructors, these classes will make cooking fun and easy for your little one. The preschool program also features arts and crafts, science class, story time, and a variety of other activities that encourage kids to reach their full potential. Learn more about the center online and call (617) 232-0115 to ask about enrollment.

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