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5 Common Causes of Car Dents October 5, 2020

Northgate, Colerain
5 Common Causes of Car Dents, Colerain, Ohio

Nothing is more frustrating than walking outside and seeing a dent in your car. Whether the ding is major or minor, you’ll likely have to take a trip to the auto body shop for repairs. To avoid these damages in the future, learn more about common causes for them.

What Dented Your Car?

1. Car Doors

When another driver opens their car door and they're too close to your vehicle, your car will inevitably get dinged. This is a common occurrence in busy parking lots, especially if someone is parked too close to stall lines. To avoid door dents, maintain space or park further away from other cars.

2. Tree Debris

At any time, a loose branch can fall onto your car, leaving behind anything from a scrape to extensive damage that requires an immediate trip to the auto body shop. Beware of parking under trees, especially in inclement weather when the wind can cause limbs, twigs, and pine cones to fall.

3. Shopping Carts

auto body shopSupermarket and strip mall lots are notorious for errant shopping carts that were never returned to their holding places. Wind can then send them rolling into the exterior of your car, or a distracted shopper can get too close and nick the vehicle. The further away from other cars you are, the better your chances are for a damage-free trip. Also, always return your cart to avoid denting someone else's ride.

4. Stones & Garbage

As you drive, debris in the road can kick up and ding your vehicle. Stones, trash, sticks, and even shards of metal can be sent sailing as drivers travel on highways at top speeds. If possible, avoid roads under construction or unpaved areas where pebbles can cause damages.

5. Narrow Spots

If you need to squeeze your car into a parking spot, the risk of damage increases. Tapping bumpers as you parallel park in a tight area or pulling into a lot with very close stalls and not much turning room can lead to more dents, scrapes, and chips. Instead, try to find spaces with ample room for maneuvering.


When you have a car dent that needs fixing, trust the experts at Engel’s Auto Service & Towing. Since 1966, this auto body shop has been northwest Cincinnati’s choice for both collision repair and towing services, offering each customer 100% satisfaction every time. They also provide shuttle services to clients who leave vehicles in their care. To schedule auto body repair, call (513) 385-8246. Visit them online for details on their services.

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