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3 Ways That Trees Can Damage a Roof October 7, 2020

Butler, Montgomery
3 Ways That Trees Can Damage a Roof, Butler, Ohio

One of the most common reasons that homeowners need roof replacements is because of damage from nearby trees. While trees add beauty and value to your property, they require proper maintenance to prevent issues. Below is more information about some of the ways that trees can hurt a roof, as well as how to avoid them.

How to Avoid the Most Common Types of Tree Damage

1. Rubbing Branches

If the branches are long enough, they may reach your roof and scrape against the shingles on windy days. Over time, this can wear away the protective coating on the shingles, or break them off entirely during a significant storm. If the tree is old and decaying, the branches can fall from the tree, puncturing and collapsing a section of the roof. Avoid this situation by pruning the trees at the start of the fall and spring seasons so that the branches do not get too long.

2. Causing Moss Growth

Large trees growing too close to the home can shade a significant portion of your roof. When this happens, moss and mildew will grow on the roof, eating away at the protective material. Without prompt attention, this can compromise the structural integrity and safety of the roof.

roof replacementIf you notice that portions of your roof are always in the shade, trim the trees to provide more direct sunlight. This will keep the roof surface warmer and reduce the risk of moss or mold growth.

3. Blocking Gutters

You should also inspect your gutters regularly throughout the fall and early winter months. Once leaves, sticks, and other debris accumulate in your gutters, they will not let water pass through. Then, the rainwater will flow over the sides, staining your siding and backing up onto the roof. To prevent this, clean your gutters every few weeks, and install guards over the channels to keep debris out. This will ensure you do not need a premature roof replacement due to water damage.


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