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3 Reasons to Have a Home Birth August 28, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
3 Reasons to Have a Home Birth, Suffern, New York

Choosing a home birth is becoming more popular, as it gives you a comfortable, familiar setting to bring your newborn into the world. A midwife or nurse-midwife generally guides the mother through the labor and delivery processes naturally. If you’re looking into your delivery options, here are some reasons to consider it.

Why Expecting Parents Should Opt for a Home Birth

1. Enjoy a Comfortable Environment

Your house is the place where you likely spend most of your time. Home birthing gives you the ability to create your ideal space where you feel the most comfortable. In a hospital, you might not be used to where things are or confident moving around. You can even have extra family members or loved ones present in the home to provide support or be there directly after the birth.

2. Have Control Over the Process

home birthWhen you opt for a home birth, you can work with your midwife throughout your pregnancy to create a delivery plan that’s completely tailored to your needs and preferences. For example, you may not want to be given medication during labor. Or, you may want the room set up in a specific way. Since hospitals have stricter rules surrounding birthing, those who want a natural birth should consider implementing their plan at home using a midwife.

3. Incur Fewer Costs

Home births often require fewer medical interventions than hospital stays. Exact costs vary, and some insurance plans may differ in how they cover home births. However, giving birth at home often means fewer expenses, which can help couples save money and move into this new stage of life with less stress.


If you’re considering a home birth, contact Home Birth with Love in Suffern, NY. Owner Leah Marinelli is a certified nurse-midwife who was inspired to help others after her own home birth experience. She now has 16 years of experience helping new parents throughout the area. The company offers holistic birthing options that are tailored to each mother and baby’s unique needs and preferences. Visit the company’s website to see a full list of services. To request a consultation, call (845) 641-5058.