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4 Reasons to Schedule a Car Inspection October 5, 2020

Canarsie, Brooklyn
4 Reasons to Schedule a Car Inspection, Brooklyn, New York

A car tuneup keeps your vehicle running efficiently by catching problems early on. Even if it’s not time for an annual inspection, some signs should prompt you to have a mechanic look at your vehicle’s engine. Here are a few indications that it’s time to have your car or truck serviced.

How to Tell You Need a Car Tuneup

1. Illuminated Check Engine Light

Even though your vehicle may seem to be running fine, the check engine light shouldn’t be dismissed. A car tuneup at this time can identify a damaged oxygen or mass airflow sensor, or your mechanic may find a problem with your catalytic converter or spark plugs. There are many possible problems that can trigger the check engine light and cause engine failure if not corrected.

2. Knocking Noises

If your car or truck is making knocking noises as you drive, there may be a problem with the engine. This can be caused by low or dirty oil that’s not sufficiently lubricating moving parts, or by damaged pistons or bearings.

In either case, the moving components in the engine will produce a knocking sound when they produce too much friction. You may notice the  sound getting faster with increased speed. 

3. Poor Gas Mileage

Car TuneupA combustion engine relies on a compression stroke that kicks off the combustion process and converts gasoline into energy. If you’re getting fewer miles to the gallon, this is usually a sign that the fuel lines and injection system need to be flushed or cleaned.

An auto repair center has the tools and equipment needed to thoroughly flush the fuel injection system. This allows the compression stroke to work efficiently and enable you to get more miles to the gallon. You may notice that your engine runs more smoothly.

4. Frequent Stalling

In most cases, a stalling engine is an indication that the intake stroke is failing. Most often, this suggests the spark plugs are misfiring or there’s a problem with the fuel to air ratio.

There may be other problems causing frequent stalls, which will vary depending on whether you have an automatic or manual transmission. A skilled mechanic will be able to pinpoint the problems that are causing engine failure in your vehicle.


A car tuneup will allow a mechanic to catch potential issues with your vehicle to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Located in Brooklyn, NY, the mechanics at Puma's Auto Care use state of the art diagnostics equipment to identify any malfunctions your car or truck is experiencing. Learn more about their auto care services online, or call (718) 272-6306 to schedule a service appointment.

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