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What Injuries Can Result From Car Accidents? October 9, 2020

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What Injuries Can Result From Car Accidents?, Andalusia, Alabama

Even though today’s vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, car accidents can still happen. When they do, both drivers and their passengers still face the risk of serious injury. However, since crashes happen fast, you may not know if and how you were hurt during the process. To help you better assess your damages, here are a few common injuries to look for after an auto accident.

5 Common Car Accident Injuries 

1. Whiplash 

During a sudden crash, the neck can be quickly jolted back and forth. This sudden movement stresses muscles and joints, which in turn, can result in lasting pain and immobility in the neck region.

Known as whiplash, this injury doesn’t always produce symptoms right away. As such, it’s important to have your neck checked by a doctor as soon as possible after an auto accident.

2. Chest Contusions 

After slamming on the brakes, people in a car will thrust forward. While the seat belt can save your life, the strap may exert force strong enough to bruise your chest area. In severe situations, you might sustain other injuries—including internal bleeding, shoulder strains, and broken ribs.

3. Head Injuries 

car accidentIf your head hits anything—such as an airbag, steering wheel, or seat—during a car accident, you may experience a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the force, these injuries can result in a concussion, coma, brain damage, or death.

Prompt emergency treatment can help limit the effects of these injuries, so it’s critical to call 911 for ambulatory care if you experience confusion, blurry vision, vomiting, dizziness, or headache after a collision.  

4. Scrapes & Cuts 

Between flying debris and friction with surfaces in the vehicle, there are a lot of ways you can sustain cuts and scrapes during an auto accident. While some of these injuries may only need minor care, others may cause severe bleeding that requires stitches. Disinfection is also critical, as these open wounds may also present a future risk of infection.

5. Leg Injuries

Depending on how much you move forward during a crash, you may be pressed against the surfaces in front of you—such as the dashboard or another seat. This force can be serious enough to sprain or break leg and knee bones.


If you’re recovering from an auto accident injury, the professionals at Jones & Jones, P.C. Attorneys at Law can help you seek compensation. Specializing in personal injury law, this experienced law firm knows how to assess every aspect of a car or trucking accident and present these facts in court. Through a comprehensive review of your case, this team will thoroughly detail all losses related to your injury so you can receive fair payment from the at-fault party or their insurance company. To learn more about these services, visit this Andalusia, AL, law firm online or call (334) 222­-3161.

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