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How to Check If Windows Are Drafty October 5, 2020

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
How to Check If Windows Are Drafty, Ewa, Hawaii

The windows are common culprits for air leaks in a house, which can result in a lot of energy loss from wasted air conditioning. Here’s a guide on how to check for drafts, so you can schedule a repair or replacement for a more efficient and comfortable home.

What Are the Early Signs of Failure?

When dual-paned glass starts to fail, its seal allows air to get between the panes. This results in condensation as the moisture in the air accumulates on the glass. When the condensation evaporates, it leaves behind minerals, creating a foggy look. 

windowsWindows that have warped over time may sit crooked in the frame. You may notice uneven glass or the panes themselves cracking under pressure. In more subtle cases, you may have some difficulty opening or closing the window.

How Do You Check for Drafts?

A quick visual inspection may reveal whether the seals are damaged. Look around the glass panes and casement for cracks or sections pulling away from the frame.

If you have a lightweight curtain, close it and look for movement in the fabric.

You can use a smoke test to check for less obvious drafts. Close all the openings in the home, shut off the HVAC system, and turn off any combustion appliances, such as the water heater. Then turn on the exhaust vents throughout the home to create negative pressure. Hold a lit incense stick beside the suspected opening. If you see the smoke pulled toward the glass’s edge, there’s a draft in that spot.


Whether you need to replace seals or entire windows, rely on KKTF Hawaii. They have more than 15 years of experience providing glass services for clients across Oahu. See their full list of services online, and call (808) 800-2230 for an appointment.

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