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Do's & Don'ts of Creating a Home Gallery Wall October 2, 2020

Downtown Seattle, Seattle
Do's & Don'ts of Creating a Home Gallery Wall , Seattle, Washington

Whether you want to display images from overseas adventures, significant events such as your wedding, your prized art collection, or anything else involving frames, a gallery wall provides the ideal solution. Before heading to your local framing store for custom frames, review tips for creating a gallery wall you’ll be proud of for years.


Select unique frames.

Choose custom frames featuring different shapes, materials, and finishes. Frames of the same size, color, and thickness look monotonous and can pull focus from the art, photos, or other framed items. Also, use different frame sizes to avoid creating a gallery wall that is too symmetrical since excessive symmetry can create boring results.

Decorate around a central piece.

Start with a central focal point, such as a sizable painting or photograph, before hanging everything else. If you have the room, experiment with different arrangements on your floor before you start hammering nails into the wall.

If space is an issue, ask a family member or friend to hold different frames up to the wall to get an idea of the final result.


Dismiss theme ideas.

custom framesStick to a cohesive theme instead of throwing a bunch of different pictures, art, and other items on the wall. While you don’t want to display one medium frame only to avoid repetition, too many different pieces look confusing and jumbled.

If your theme is hiking adventures, for example, your custom frames can feature favorite landscape images, pictures of you and your family in gorgeous locations, and shadowboxes filled with related products and trinkets, such as fallen leaves you picked up, old compasses, and water bottles with national park logos.

Choose the wrong wall.

Select a wall that makes it easy to view your collection, such as one across from a couch or other sitting area. Gallery walls in long hallways also look great and make wandering down the narrow spaces infinitely more interesting. A gallery wall behind a television can make it challenging to focus on the show or movie, while one above a bed isn’t the easiest to access. 


Purchase custom frames from Seattle Custom Framing to add quality and beauty to your gallery wall. The Seattle, WA-based framing center serves customers within a 10-mile radius of the coastal city, providing decorative framing, matting, and mirror services. Call (206) 838-7908 today with questions or review the custom frame gallery online for ideas.

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