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Jewish Studies 101: The Daily Life of a Rebbetzin December 17, 2015

Long Island City, Queens
Jewish Studies 101: The Daily Life of a Rebbetzin, Queens, New York

A rebbetzin is the wife of a rabbi, and she plays a pivotal role in Jewish communities of faith. Though a rebbetzin does not undergo any formal training and is not required to possess any special knowledge, her role is far more than ceremonial. She is in partnership with her husband and reflects the values, wisdom, and teachings of the community. If you’ve ever wondered what the daily life of a rebbetzin is like, The Jewish Community Center - Chabad of Long Island City can give you some insight. This West Queens Jewish community center is dedicated to offering all Jews a home, an education, and inspiring memories.

  • Community Support: The rebbetzin is often a key source of support for the community. She may spend her days visiting sick congregants, delivering meals to the elderly or infirm, or offering her presence and encouragement to families facing difficulties. While a rebbetzin does not usually have any specialized educational background in Jewish studies, she will sometimes impart the wisdom she has gleaned from her religious life to help nurture and strengthen community members.

  • Outreach: In many congregations, the rebbetzin is viewed as sort of an unofficial “first lady” of the community. As such, she might choose to take part in community activities that work for the greater good: for example, she may host a luncheon for a favorite charity. Many rebbetzins want to share the beauty of their faith with community members, and they do so through their charitable work and their daily interactions with the community.
  • Maintaining Balance: A rebbetzin’s responsibilities are divided between her home and work lives. Most find a balance between these two areas, making sure to provide sufficient attention to both aspects. As the wife of a rabbi, she is in a unique position to support her husband, her family, and her community, and rebbetzins take this position seriously.

To learn more about rebbetzins, the Jewish faith, or community events, call the Jewish Community Center - Chabad of Long Island City at (718) 609-0066 or visit them online. Be sure to like their Facebook page as well. They have a full calendar of gatherings, events, and kids' activities. Come be a part of this dynamic, engaging, and enriching community today.

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