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3 Places to Keep a Cremation Urn August 24, 2020

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3 Places to Keep a Cremation Urn, Jacksonville, Arkansas

A beautiful cremation urn can make for a touching keepsake, allowing you to maintain the memory of your loved one. While you’ll likely have the cremation urn on-site for a memorial or similar remembrance service, you’ll need a place to store it afterward. Here are a few ideas that will honor your loved one.

How to Store a Cremation Urn

1. Display It on a Shelf or Mantlepiece

This is one of the most common spots people choose to display cremation urns. A sturdy shelf or mantlepiece can give the object a prominent place in the home. If you want added security—for example, if you have pets or small children who might knock the urn down—you can place it in a glass display case.

2. Create a Remembrance Room

cremation urnsIf you have a smaller room you rarely use, you can convert it into a remembrance space. This also makes the cremation urn more private. It won't be out where guests can see it but in a separate, more intimate area.

This may be preferable if you don’t want to see the cremation urn daily. With this alternative, you can simply step into the memorial room whenever you feel like it.

3. Keep It in a Columbarium

If you prefer not to have the cremation urn in your home, you can keep it in a columbarium. This is a designated place of remembrance, usually set within a church or cemetery.

It consists of a large room with compartmentalized shelves, each of which holds an urn. People also add personal touches, like photos or mementos, alongside the urn.


If you need personalized funeral arrangement services for your loved one, contact A Natural State Funeral Service in Jacksonville, AR. Their caring team aims to take the stress out of funeral planning and will guide your family through the process, from choosing a cremation urn to arranging a memorial. For more information about their services, visit their website, or call (501) 982-3400 to set up an appointment with a funeral director.

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