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5 Signs a Loved One Has a Drinking Problem August 24, 2020

Lorain, Lorain
5 Signs a Loved One Has a Drinking Problem, Lorain, Ohio

Alcohol addiction can be tough to spot. There are plenty of people who drink on occasion without exhibiting problematic or addictive behaviors. However, those who cross the line may face real consequences. Addressing the problem early on can be key to a successful recovery. If you suspect a loved one may have a problem, here are some things to look for.

How to Tell if a Loved One May Be Dealing With Alcohol Addiction

1. Hiding or Lying About Alcohol Intake

People who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol often have shame associated with their drinking habits. This may cause them to store liquor or drinks where they don’t think anyone will find them. Some people may also drink alone and lie to friends and family to hide how much they consume.

2. Extreme Mood Swings

Alcohol can impact people’s moods, both while they’re drinking and afterward. Some people get abnormally happy and then crash, while others may get angry or depressed when they drink. If you notice a shift in their demeanor or if their moods change dramatically, it could be due to alcohol abuse.

3. High Alcohol Tolerance

alcohol addictionPeople build up alcohol tolerance over time. The more your loved one drinks, the more they can handle without getting noticeably drunk. If your loved one can drink significantly more than everyone else and doesn’t seem to get intoxicated, it’s likely due to excess consumption.

4. Work or School Issues

Alcohol consumption generally becomes a problem when it starts to impact people’s lives in tangible ways. If they start showing up late for work, missing classes, or skirting other responsibilities because of their drinking, the habit has crossed that line. Stopping it early can help them avoid major consequences.

5. Dangerous Behavior

Alcohol impacts people’s ability to make good decisions. Regular use may lead to risky behaviors like driving under the influence. If they make decisions that affect their safety or others’ safety, it may be time to seek help.


If you want to help a loved one you suspect is suffering from alcohol addiction, contact The LCADA Way. Serving individuals throughout Lorain, Medina, and Erie counties in Ohio, the rehab facility offers counseling and mental health services for those suffering from alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions. Founded in 1981, the center is available 24/7 to support individuals and their families. Visit the website to see a full list of services. To speak with a team member, call (440) 989-4900.

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