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A Guide to Windows & HVAC System Efficiency September 21, 2020

Lower Price Hill, Cincinnati
A Guide to Windows & HVAC System Efficiency, Cincinnati, Ohio

Families in the Midwest often have high energy bills due to extreme summer heat, as well as low winter temperatures. Your home’s windows may be negatively impacting this cost. Here is some information on how new  windows can improve your HVAC efficiency and lower your utility bills. 

How Do Windows Impact HVAC Efficiency?

wholesale windows Greater Cincinnati OHOlder, single-pane windows promote air exchange, allowing air-conditioned and heated air to flow outside. Your home may lose 10 to 25% energy efficiency because of these models.

Windows that are over 5-years-old might lack the proper seals around the trim to keep your indoor air inside. They could also feature rotting wood that is allowing airflow between the inside and outside of the home.

Your furnace and air conditioner could also wear out much sooner than expected if they’re working overtime to compensate for lack of temperature control. Not only are you losing money on monthly energy bills, but you could also have to replace your furnace and AC units several years earlier than the manufacturer’s estimated lifespans.

How Can You Improve HVAC Efficiency?

Installing windows with double panes will prevent air leakage and reduce the workload of your HVAC unit. These window models will have air or gas between the two pieces of glass to provide insulation and reduce noise exchange. ENERGY STAR® certified models, like Earthwise® windows, offer the best thermal regulation for Northern climates.

Look for options with warm-edge spacers to keep the glass panes separate. This improves insulation and adds impact resistance. Seek out trim with thermal insulation, like vinyl or wood, to limit indoor air from escaping around the edges of the glass. Low-emissivity glass is a beneficial option since it’s coated to reflect infrared and ultraviolet light, lowering the amount of heat that enters the home in the summer. 


If you’re interested in boosting your home’s energy efficiency, get home improvement materials from Tri-State Wholesale Building Supplies in Cincinnati, OH. This wholesale window company offers Earthwise Windows & Doors, polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, and composite decking, and vinyl siding materials. Visit their website to learn about their product offerings, and call (513) 381-1231 to speak with a friendly team member.

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