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4 Dos & Don'ts of Buying Down Comforters For Winter: Tips From DOWNLITE in Mason December 9, 2015

Mason, Warren
4 Dos & Don'ts of Buying Down Comforters For Winter: Tips From DOWNLITE in Mason, Mason, Ohio

Do your comforters leave you feeling too hot or too cold during the winter? DOWNLITE's plush down comforters are just what you need for a comfortable night of sleep. As a pioneer in down and down alternative bedding, the Mason, OH, company is currently the largest manufacturer in this category.

Together with their partnering site, DOWNLITE suggests these dos and don’ts for buying down winter bedding items:

  • Do Learn About Fill Power: Fill power is a unique feature of down that helps determine its degree of warmth. Greater fill power means a plusher down and higher insulation. Keep yourself warm and cut back on the energy bills with the right fill power. DOWNLITE in Mason, OH, recommends a 600 fill power bed cover to provide you the optimum level of warmth throughout the night.
  • DOWNLITE-Down-ComfortersDon’t Overspend On The Wrong Type: Down bedding products are known for being warmer than their woolen and nylon counterparts. Instead of spending money on a heavier cover, consider something lighter than what you ordinarily use. Since medium-weight down is neither too warm nor too cold, they are considered ideal for year-round use. According to the company, buyers should aim for the warmest option with the lightest weight, and medium-weights fit the criteria perfectly.
  • Do Consider White Goose Down: If you have the budget to spend on deluxe bedding, give white goose down a try. This premium quality down is hands down the softest. Need something with a lower price tag? Pick the white duck down for cozy and affordable comforters.
  • Don’t Fall For The Thread Count: Thread count is a gimmick pushed by the bedding industry to market their collections. DOWNLITE, however, emphasizes the material more than the thread count. A higher number of threads does not always equate to a fine product. Since both cambric and sateen cottons have their advantages, feel the fabric and see whether you like its touch.

Discover the finesse of DOWNLITE comforters by placing your orders on (866) 931-3696. Visit the website to learn more about the company and their range of down products.