Wyoming, Ohio

4 Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid This Winter October 1, 2020

Wyoming, Wyoming
4 Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid This Winter, Wyoming, Ohio

Your HVAC system will be working hard this winter, but some common mistakes will make it work harder. Seemingly small actions can strain your unit, leading to an increased need for heating repairs. Below, learn more about what you should avoid this winter to keep the system in good shape.

What Heating Mistakes Could Harm Your HVAC System?

1. Forgetting to Service It

Your unit should have a semi-annual tune-up and inspection before winter hits. During this process, a professional will check the fluid levels, lubricate moving parts, measure the system’s efficiency, and look for damaged or worn components. This ensures your HVAC system runs at optimal efficiency to maximize energy savings and minimize wear while preventing breakdowns during the coldest part of the year.

2. Ignoring Your Home’s Insulation

hvac systemIf your house is old or has had a fire, flood, or leak, have the insulation inspected. Over time, it can settle or degrade, especially in moisture. If it’s not up to standard, warm air will be allowed to escape from your home. Having new insulation installed will keep your home warmer and take some pressure off the HVAC system.

3. Using an Old Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an eco-friendly and money-saving option that can cut back on energy use. This technology works by allowing you to set the temperature based on the time of day. You’ll be able to leave it a few degrees cooler during the day while you’re at work, giving the system a break and reducing energy bills.

4. Blocking the Sunlight

Sunlight will naturally warm your home when it's at its highest point in the day. Take advantage of this by opening blinds and curtains to let the light in and get natural warmth, which can reduce your unit's workload. Then, close them when the day starts to cool off to limit heat transfer outdoors.


If your HVAC system needs a tune-up before winter, Reading Heating & Air Conditioning in Cincinnati, OH, has experienced NATE-certified contractors to complete the job. Family-owned since 1945, this company works with oil, propane, electric, and natural gas units, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They perform heating repairs, maintenance, and installations, and they can maximize your savings with programmable thermostats and zoning systems. Learn more about their services online, and schedule a tune-up by calling (513) 821-1633.

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