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4 Types of Sunrooms September 4, 2020

Dothan, Houston
4 Types of Sunrooms, Dothan, Alabama

If you want to enhance the curb appeal of your home and add to its value, consider adding a sunroom. There are many types of sunrooms, including screen rooms, and they are all highly-customizable and can be added onto most homes regardless of your floorplan. This guide covers the most common types of sunroom additions. 

What types of Sunrooms Can You Add to Your Home? 

1. Screen Room

Screen rooms can be built onto existing patios or designed from scratch. These rooms are enclosed patio spaces that are encircled by windows or screens. You can open the windows or screens to let a breeze in during warm days, or close them off during poor weather. Screen rooms are also effective at keeping bugs and pests away from your patio. Out of all the sunroom options, screen rooms tend to be the most affordable to build. 

2. Three-Season Room 

Three-season rooms are designed for use during the spring, summer, and fall. These spaces are usually comfortable for use during warm weather, but they may not be suitable for winter since they lack insulation. Building a three-season addition is more expensive than a screen room but not as costly as other alternatives.

3. Four-Season Room

screen-roomsAs the name implies, four-season rooms are suitable for year-round use. These rooms are often built with thermal breaks, double-paned glass, and metal roofs for sloughing off the snow. They’re designed to provide sufficient warmth and insulation during the winter months and can be heated with an HVAC system for use in cold weather. These spaces may also be called all-season rooms, and they’re slightly more expensive than the three-season option. 

4. Solarium 

Solariums are all-glass buildings that can be built onto an existing home or placed on top of a patio or deck. These rooms are unique because of the glass roof, which allows for maximum sunlight exposure during the day and great views of the sky at night. Solariums are popular among people who like to garden since the ceiling admits plenty of sunlight. They tend to cost the same or more than a four-season room. 


If you’d like to add a screen room to your home, consult with the professionals at Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing in Dothan, AL. This reputable building contractor can create screen rooms, metal sheds, awnings, and more. They’re known for their efficient, high-quality work. Request a complimentary estimate at (334) 685-0175 or view their work online

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