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Why Senior Care Facilities Should Install Patio Enclosures September 23, 2020

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Why Senior Care Facilities Should Install Patio Enclosures, Safety Harbor, Florida

If you own or operate a senior care facility, installing one or more patio enclosures could be a sound investment. This upgrade could have a major impact on your residents’ morale and improve their quality of life. If you’re still on the fence, here’s what you should know about patio enclosures. 

How Your Residents Will Benefit From Patio Enclosures 

Installing a patio on each wing of the facility will expand your residents’ total living space. These sunrooms will provide the perfect place for them to relax, chat with friends, and visit with loved ones. They’ll reap several benefits just from spending time in the fresh air. 

Research indicates that being outside can improve both physical and mental well-being. Physical benefits include reduced inflammation, better vision, and lower blood pressure.

Preliminary studies even suggest spending time outside can prevent cancer. Psychological benefits, on the other hand, include better short-term memory, improved focus, and lower anxiety. 

How Your Facility Will Benefit From Patio Enclosures

patio enclosuresWhile many retirement homes boast beautiful landscaping, those with screened porches have an added advantage: they keep critters out. Prospective residents will be drawn to your facility because you provide a luxurious space where they can spend time outdoors without having to worry about mosquitoes, alligators, or the elements. 

Your staff will also appreciate the enclosures. Because they’re contained, these patios require little maintenance once they’re installed. Landscaping features that are exposed, on the other hand, demand constant upkeep. 


If you want to add beautiful, high-quality sunrooms to your facility, contact Clear-Vue in Safety Harbor, FL. For more than 50 years, this contractor has been installing porch enclosures and full-length patio windows for residential and commercial clients. To view some of their completed projects, visit their website. To request a free estimate for your facility’s patio enclosures, call (727) 726-5386. 

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