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Rochester's water experts are hear to provide you with the finest quality drinking water at home.

​Rochester Water Experts Offer Filtration Systems For All Purposes December 2, 2015

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​Rochester Water Experts Offer Filtration Systems For All Purposes, Henrietta, New York

Our bodies are over 75% water, making the quality of the water we ingest extremely important. Anderson Water Systems, the most experienced purveyors of drinking systems in the Rochester, NY, metropolitan area, has been providing Upstate New York with the purest water possible since 1954. Below is a list of the products they offer to ensure their customers can enjoy crystal clear drinking water from the tap, instead of from an expensive, store-bought bottle.


  • Municipal Drinking Systems: Water quality in many areas is in decline, and the lead pipes found in older metropolitan homes, office buildings, and apartments produce contaminants that can be distasteful or even harmful. Municipal drinking systems filter the water for whole towns or neighborhoods to ensure residents have access to clean, healthful hydration.
  • Whole House Systems: Whole house systems filter all the water that enters your house, removing trace minerals that leave residue on your skin and your bathroom fixtures.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Reverse osmosis removes all impurities and potentially harmful trace elements, such as mercury, chromium, and nitrates as the water leaves your faucet. This ensures you have the highest quality, best tasting water possible.
  • Well Water Systems: Anderson’s well water systems “soften” well water and remove contaminants that may cause your water to smell or taste funny, and which leave stains in your sink and bathtub.

Anderson customers say that their skin has never felt softer, and cleaning showers and shower doors have never been easier! For more information about filtration systems, contact Anderson Water Systems of Rochester. Visit them online, or call (800) 836-2509 to speak with a representative. And don't forget to like the company on Facebook

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