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3 Interesting Uses for Your Attic October 1, 2020

Lake Katrine, Ulster
3 Interesting Uses for Your Attic, Lake Katrine, New York

From old holiday decorations to long-forgotten clothes and electronics, many items your family no longer uses might be stored in the attic. To increase the usable square footage of your home, schedule an attic cleanout. By clearing away boxes and other items taking up room, you can completely transform the space to suit your needs. If you’re stumped for ideas, below are a few ways to reimagine the attic. 

3 Ways to Transform Your Attic After Cleanout

1. Create a Guest Bedroom & Bathroom

If you invite out-of-town friends and relatives to stay over, reserve the top floor of the house for guest accommodations after the attic cleanout. Contractors can update the insulation to ensure visitors remain comfortable and put in skylights to flood the room with natural light. The plumbing system can also be extended to the upper floor. A plumber will install the sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower stall directly above the bathroom on the floor below. This will make it easier to reroute the pipes. 

2. Build a Recording Studio

attic cleanoutsIf you want to create music at home, placing a recording studio in the attic will get you far away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. This way, you won’t have to worry about ambient noises ending up in the recordings. A remodeler can place absorbent pads and other materials on walls to act as acoustic diffusers for clearer, sharper sounds. 

3. Make a Home Theater

If you like to stream the latest blockbuster releases from the comfort of home, create a dedicated viewing area in the attic. A contractor will insulate the floor to prevent noise transfer to the floors below. They will also put acoustic pads in the back and side walls to let sound naturally travel to the audience. You can input surround sound, a projector, a large screen, and comfortable recliners to outfit the room. 


An attic cleanout can be a time-consuming process, which is why you should call on the Bill's Junk Be Gone crew. For over 20 years, the Lake Katrine, NY-based, fully-insured technicians have been specializing in clutter removal so clients can feel comfortable, relax, and get more use out of their dwellings. For free attic cleanout estimates in Ulster, Northern Orange, Greene, and Dutchess counties, call (845) 389-2969. Find company details online, plus videos and giveaway information on Facebook

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