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4 Back-To-School Cleaning Tips September 7, 2020

West Lake Hills, Travis County
4 Back-To-School Cleaning Tips, West Lake Hills, Texas

As your children head into the new school year, it might be challenging to prepare everything for the busy months ahead. From helping with homework to managing after-school activities, you might not have the opportunity to think about the state of your house. Many parents schedule professional carpet cleaning and other essential tasks at the start of the school year. Use the following guide to help you plan a thorough cleaning before summer break ends. 

How to Clean the House Before School Starts

1. Create a Checklist

Getting your kids to adopt the habits of making their beds and picking up toys can be a challenge. Ease the process by creating a checklist.

If your children are old enough to read, you can encourage them to clean by turning it into a fun game. You can offer a reward if they accomplish all of their tasks. A scoop of ice cream or a half-hour of screen time can inspire them to clean more often.

2. Have the Carpets Cleaned

Carpets tend to accumulate dust and grime, especially when kids and pets come inside after playing outdoors. Prevent the particles from becoming airborne by scheduling a thorough carpet cleaning.

Cleaning experts have the equipment and experience to remove contaminants that can cause allergy-like symptoms and reduce the home’s indoor air quality. Low moisture cleaners will improve the vibrant colors of the floors and refresh your home for the new school year.

3. Clear the Clutter

carpet cleaningReducing the amount of clutter in the house will instantly simplify the cleaning process. Help each child go through their toys and clothes to determine which items aren’t used. Place unwanted belongings in a box to donate, and create an organization system for the items they’re keeping.

You can use plastic bins that slide under the bed or shelf baskets to hide toys and other distracting belongings. Encourage your children to take advantage of these storage options when they clean their rooms every night.

4. Wash Appliances

Buildup can develop within all of your appliances, from the dishwasher drain to the dryer vent. If these areas aren’t clean, the devices might lose efficiency and cause further damage. 

Follow the user’s manual to determine which parts to remove, give them a good rinse, and set them out to dry. Fill a bucket with soap and water, and soak a clean cloth to wipe down the interior of microwaves and ovens. Performing these cleaning tasks now will prevent any problems from disrupting a busy weeknight.


Secure timely carpet cleaning and other services by reaching out to Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning in Austin, TX. This local company has provided quality cleaning services to residents throughout Travis County since 1983. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, the team will ensure your home is ready for school to start. Learn more about their carpet cleaning services by visiting their website, or call (512) 328-2504 to schedule an appointment.

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