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How to Prevent Printer Paper Jams August 17, 2020

Jessup, Anne Arundel
How to Prevent Printer Paper Jams, Jessup, Maryland

When it comes to printer operations, a paper jam may seem like a small error, but it can still create big hiccups in the workday. In addition to having to remove the paper and clear the jam, this common issue can impede workplace productivity, create waste, and harm the quality of your print jobs. Over time, these jams may also contribute to mechanical wear that will eventually require printer service. To avoid these headaches and keep your device in good shape, here are ways you can prevent paper jams.  

5 Ways to Protect Your Office Printer From Paper Jams 

1. Load Paper Properly

Inserting sheets on top of a loaded tray can cause a jam. Trying to refill paper during an active job could also create a feeding issue that stops operation. In general, it’s best to only fill empty trays or load it from the bottom. Before you place a fresh stack in a tray, fan it to make sure no sheets stick together.

2. Adjust For Size 

printer serviceModern printers can handle a wide range of paper sizes and weights. However, if the tray guides are not adjusted to fit the specific pages you load, they may not feed through correctly. That’s why it's important to always check that the guides match the sheet dimensions whenever you switch the paper type.

3. Store Paper Correctly 

To keep paper intact, always store reams in a cool and dry room. If you don’t use an entire ream, you should reseal the packaging so that the remaining sheets do not absorb moisture and stick together.  

4.  Maintain the Equipment 

Take care to clean and maintain your printer periodically with help from a professional printer service. By keeping the exterior and interior components—such as the rollers—free of dust and other debris, pages will be more likely to move through the system with ease.

5. Use Quality Paper

While cheaper paper products may be better on the office budget, they can be rougher for your equipment to manage. High-quality paper—such as those anywhere between 90 and 120 gsm—will be less likely to jam. You’ll also have a higher risk of running into problems if you reuse paper that’s already been printed on.


If you’re still experiencing frequent paper jams after following these tips, talk to the specialists at Laser Line. Providing managed print services in Jessup, MD, this team can quickly identify and resolve operational issues that are slowing down your productivity or impacting your print quality. If you’re due for an upgrade, this HP® partner can also install new multi-function devices to fit the demands of your workplace—for a price that fits your budget. Visit this printer repair company online to learn more about these capabilities or call (410) 636-1700 to request assistance.


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