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3 Ways to Get Grass Stains Out of Rugs September 29, 2020

Dawsonville, Dawson
3 Ways to Get Grass Stains Out of Rugs, Dawsonville, Georgia

Although putting mats at entrances can reduce the grime people and pets trek through the house, a few dirt particles might still stick to shoe soles. Grass clippings, for example, can leave behind green or muddy smudges in area rugs. To restore your investments, follow the rug cleaning advice below. 

3 Strategies to Lift Grass Stains From Rugs

1. Blot With Laundry Detergent & Water

First, vacuum the rug to remove any remaining grass particles. Next, mix a dab of mild laundry detergent with cold water. Hot water could cause a fresh stain to set. Use a clean towel to work the solution into the spot. Make sure to blot instead of rubbing, as rubbing will embed residue deeper into the rug.

2. Try White Vinegar & Ammonia on Set Stains

Dawsonville-Georgia-rug-cleaningIf the spot is old, detergent and water alone might not work as a stain treatment solution. For rug cleaning of stubborn stains, you’ll also need white vinegar and an ammonia-based cleaner. After you vacuum the rug, put a bit of detergent directly on the stained fibers. Use the blotting method to rub it in. When the green color starts to fade, rinse the spot with water. Next, mix a teaspoon of ammonia with a cup of warm water and work it into the stain until the fibers are damp, not soaking wet. To remove the faint green traces still remaining, finish by blotting with white vinegar.

3. Get a Bottle of OxiClean®

OxiClean® is a multi-purpose cleaner often used to treat grass stains. The baking soda and oxygen in the peroxide are able to break up residue. So the cleaner doesn’t dissolve the dye in rug fibers, it will need to be diluted with water before blotted into the spot.  


For professional rug cleaning to remove grass stains, contact the technicians at Spring Cleaners in Dawsonville, GA. Committed to providing the best customer service since opening the business in 1992, the rug and carpet cleaners accept last-minute appointments and offer discounts for repeat clients. Check out service details online and call (706) 216-3302 for rug cleaning in the Dawson County area.  

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